Land Art

Publication Steen in Water (will be presented on 19 June 2014)

Together with Kees Verschuren, Sandra Smets and Arthur Meijer, supported by Cathy Jacob, we worked on a publication about a big land art project at the Maasvlakte, Rotterdam’s outside harbor, which was realized between 1975 and 1979 by Teun Jacob and Kees Verschuren. This will be the first publication on this land art project; one of the biggest in the Netherlands.

The publication will be presented on 19 June 2014 in the Museum of Natural History in Rotterdam. The presentation is part of the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, IABR–2014–URBAN BY NATURE

The publication was made possible – amongst others – with the financial support of the gemeente Rotterdam (the Rotterdam municipality), the heirs Jacob-Chavannes, and the Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam (Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam).

For more information (in Dutch), click here.


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