doual’art, ICU art projects with Lucas Grandin

project management:
ICU art projects

Making Douala 2007-2013 is a project of:
doual’art and ICU art projects with Lucas Grandin and the participating artists and architects

exhibition design/production:
Kamiel Verschuren, design office OONA and Lucas Grandin

project selection SUD 2010:
Didier Schaub (doual’art), Simon Njami, Koyo Kouoh, Elvira Dyangani and ICU art projects

Making Douala 2007-2013 was made possible by:
Mondriaan Fund / Arts Collaboratory / Center for Visual Arts foundation Rotterdam / IABR / ICU art projects

Also made possible with the kind support of:
ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles], Rotterdam
LSI project investment nv
Dak’art, Biennale de Dakar, Senegal
Collectif_R, France

With thanks to the artists of the SUD2007 and SUD2010:
Philip Aguirre (BE), Kader Attia (ALG/FR/DE), Bili Bidjocka (CAM/FR), Mariela Borello (CND), Loris Cecchini (IT), Aliette Cosset (FR), Elvira Dyangani (ES), Kouo Eyango (CAM), Frédéric Keiff (FR), Isabel Forner (FR), Faouzi Laatiris (MAR), Lucas Grandin (FR), Aser Kash (CD/CAM), Koko Komegne (CAM), Koyo Kouo (CAM/SE), Christina Kubisch (DE), Salifou Lindou (CAM), Michèle Magema (FR/CD), Ato Malinda (KEN), Lional Manga (CAM), Philippe Mouillon (FR), Alioum Moussa (CAM) Simon Njami (CAM/FR), Younès Rahmoun (MAR), Tracey Rose (SA), Joseph-Francis Sumégné (CAM), Pascale Marthine Tayou (CAM/BE), Ties Ten Bosch (NL), Kamiel Verschuren (NL),
Hervé Yamguen (CAM), Hervé Youmbi (CAM).

and the participants of the Mondriaan Visiting Program (SUD2010):
Lard Buurman, Kaleb de Groot, Bart-Jan Hooft (RAW Foundation), Jan Jongert (2012 Architecten), Hans Kennepohl, Berend van der Lans (Architeture plus), Calanne Moroney (RAW Foundation), Xandra Nibbeling (ICU art projects), Arno van Roosmalen, Wim Schepens, Kamiel Verschuren (ICU art projects), Arie van Ziel

With special thanks to:
Lard Buurman, Merijn van Essen, Thijs Ewalts, Bart-Jan Hooft, Berend van der Lans, Sander van Loon, Mauro Lugaresi, Yves Makongo, Calanne Moroney, Simon Njami, Catherine Pensa, Iolanda Pensa, Jennifer Sigler, Karen van der Spek, Jaap Verheul, Jan Wouter-Vorderman
doual’art (Marilyn Douala-Bell/Didier Schaub)
doual’art is a center for contemporary art and an experimental laboratory for new urban practices in the African city. Its artistic policy is oriented towards the support of artists who are actively engaged, through their research and practice, in urban topics.

ICU art projects (Xandra Nibbeling/Kamiel Verschuren)
International Collaborative Urban art projects is a Rotterdam based artistic project organization aimed at international knowledge exchange and the development of the public domain and urban space. ICU art projects is partner of doual’art for the triennial Salon Urbain de Douala (SUD).

Making Douala 2007-2013 is part of the 5th IABR, Making City, taking place from 20 April to 1 November 2012 in Rotterdam, Almere, São Paulo and Istanbul.


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