Art Projects

Since 2007, we worked on various art projects with Doual’art, center for contemporary art in Douala, Cameroon.
For more than 20 years Doual’art has been realizing public art works in the city of Douala, involving local as well as international artists. In 2009, Doual’art received the prestigious Prince Claus Award for their work.

In 2007 – together with foundation iStrike – Doual’art started the Salon Urbain de Douala, the SUD – a triennial to celebrate the new public art works that were realized in the city of Douala.

Our cooperation with Doual’art started with the cooperation of iStrike foundation with Doual’art. Together they organized the first SUD that took place in December 2007. The cooperation of Doual’art and iStrike came to an end in 2008. Iolanda Pensa and Kamiel Verschuren, both of iStrike foundation, are still working with Doual’art. Kamiel Verschuren continues the cooperation with Doual’art – together with Xandra Nibbeling – through ICU art projects.

Doual'art - february 2010


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