Mondriaan Visiting Program

As part of the SUD 2010, ICU art project organized a visiting program to Douala. Because the program was funded by Arts Collaboratory (Mondriaan foundation, Hivos, and DOEN), we named it “Mondriaan Visiting Program”.

We had a list of visitors whom we invited for differenet reasons: report, research,  review and reflexion.

The following guests visited the SUD:

  • Lard Buurman, photographer (the Netherlands)
  • Jan Jongert, architect, 2010 architecten (the Netherlands)
  • Kaleb de Groot, artist (the Netherlands)
  • Bart-Jan Hooft, architect, RAW foundation (South Africa / the Netherlands)
  • Geert Hutsebaut, artist/designer (Belgium/the Netherlands)
  • Hans Kennepohl, journalist/philosopher (the Netherlands)
  • Arie van Ziel, 2010 architecten (the Netherlands)
  • Berend van der Lans, editor ArchiAfrika (the Netherlands)
  • Calanne Moroney, architect, RAW foundation (Ireland/the Netherlands)
  • Xandra Nibbeling, communications manager and cultural producer (the Netherlands)
  • Arno van Roosmalen, director Stroom (the Netherlands)
  • Wim Schepens, documentary maker/VPRO (the Netherlands)
  • Kamiel Verschuren, artist (the Netherlands)

The visiting program resulted in ongoing contacts and cooperations between Doual’art and all partcipants.
At the moment, Doual’art and ICU art projects are closely working together on specific projects with Raw foundation (pavilion), 2012 Architects (research and pavilion), Berend van der Lans (various projects concerning African architecture), and Kaleb de Groot (artist for the SUD 2013).

Click here to read the SUD2010 weblog



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