Fonds BKVB Artist Residency

In 2010, Ties Ten Bosch was the first artist in residence at Doual’art. The recidency was made possible by Fonds BKVB
In June/July and November/December 2010, Dutch artist Ties Ten Bosch had his artits’s residency in Douala. From November until just after the SUD 2010, Ten Bosch lived and worked in Ndogpassi III, one of the more deprived area’s of Douala. In this area he opened his laboratory, which functioned as an atelier, gallery, shop and base for all interventions he did in the area.
While the theme of SUD2010 was “water”, Ten Bosch focussed his interventions on the natural source in the center of the area that is being used for drinking, washing and cleaning. But also on the little river running through the area and the bridges that cross this river.
From the 18th of June till the 4th of July 2010, Ties was a guest at Doual’art to do his first studies. Together with Paulin Tchuenbou and Yves Makongo he visited the area of Ndogpassi a few times and was very inspired by the area and the possibilities there, but also very taken by the problems around the subject of water there. With his laboratory that he will run for a month and a half he will try to bring an ongoing energy as well as new creative solutions to get attention for the problems with the water. Attention not only from the people in the neighborhood, who will be asked for collaboration, but also attention from the visitors of the SUD.

Read Ties Ten Bosch’s blog about his residency in Ndogpassi and see the documentary made by Lucie Grisey and Ties Ten Bosch.


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