Two More Days to Go

The exhibition Making Douala 2007-2013 at the Test Site of the 5th IABR, Making City in Rotterdam is reaching its final days. So for all of you who still want to see it: Thursday 31 May and Friday 1 June are the days you can still visit us. We are open from 10.00 until 17.00 … Continue reading

Pictures of Dak’art exhibition and opening

On 13 May 2012, Making Douala 2007-2013 opened in the OFF program of the Dakar Biennale for African Contemporary Art. We made a selection of the pictures:

Building Up the Expo

Update 12 May: the luggage was found 2 days ago. We are almost finished and ready for the opening tomorrow at noon. New pics on the blog. Although our luggage – containing most of the materials for the expo – is not found yet, we started building up the expo in Raw Material Company. The … Continue reading

Making Douala 2007-2013 opens on 13 May in Dakar

On Sunday 13th May, Making Douala 2007-2013 will open in Dakar in a parallel program during the biennale of Dakar: Dak’art. Making Douala will be shown in the Raw Material Company, center for art, knowledge and society until 9th June. So, for everyone in Dakar on that day, please be welcome. The doors are open … Continue reading