• ICU art projects

    International Collaborative Urban art projects is a Rotterdam based artistic project organization aimed at international knowledge exchange and the development of the public domain and urban space.

Ars&Urbis doual’art October 2016

Artists invited for the SUD2017 are visting the city and its schools.

Exhibition Making Douala continued

In June 2017, the exhibition Making Douala 2007-2013 will be continued in Basel, including SUD2013. More news to follow.  

Publication Steen in Water

Our new publication Steen in Water will be presented on 19 June 2014. Together with Kees Verschuren, Sandra Smets and Arthur Meijer, supported by Cathy Jacob, we worked on a publication about a big land art project at the Maasvlakte, Rotterdam’s outside harbor, which was realized between 1975 and 1979 by Teun Jacob and Kees Verschuren. … Continue reading

New posts on PUB-log

Our weblog on the Pavillon Urbain de Bonanjo has been updated with several articles on the project. During the SUD2013, the pavilion – as it is now – has been used in the program of this triennial. We will post more photo’s and articles on the PUB weblog soon! Check http://pavillonurbaindebonanjo.wordpress.com    

PUB presented at SUD 2013

On December 5th we presented the project Pavillon Urbain de Bonanjo during the SUD2013. This presentation also was the kick-off of “Les amis du PUB”, the friends of the PUB. A support groups that we will keep posted and updated on new developments on the PUB. If you want to a friend of the PUB, … Continue reading

Douala Métamorphoses

Text by Kamiel Verschuren. Unfortionately, the text is only available in Dutch, for now. The true discourse on architecture in Africa is not found in the construction of large buildings, hotels, private estates, industrial or military complexes, but in the self-made dwellings in which most of the people live. Net weer terug en al weer … Continue reading


Project C.A.I.R.E /// DOUALA Métamorphoses / S.U.D 2013 (3 -10 December) Collective Artistic/Architectural Inteventions (that are) Responsable (and) Ethical A project by Kamiel Verschuren and Lucas Grandin, assiseted by Amandine Braud C.A.I.R.E will be one of the projects during the SUD2013 – Douala Metamorphoses. The SUD is a triennial on public art in the city … Continue reading

Making Douala 2007-2013 opens in Nantes on 14 June

Coming Friday, the fourth edition of Making Douala 2007-2013 will open in the gallery Paradis in Nantes, France. The exhibition will run until 1 September. Earlier editions of this travelling exhibition were in Rotterdam (April – June 2012 at the 4th IABR, Making City), Dakar (May – June 2012) and in Ghent (November – December … Continue reading

WikiAfrica project welcomes and trains Cameroonians to contribute to Wikimedia sites

WikiAfrica offers a physical space where local contributors from Douala, Cameroon can contribute to Wikimedia sites. The WikiAfrica space was inaugurated today in Doual’art, a centre for contemporary art located in Douala, Cameroon. For the first time, a computer room with high-speed internet is available for people in Douala who want to participate in Wikimedia … Continue reading

Presentations at Lycée Technique Douala Koumassi and Institut des Beaux Arts de Nkongsamba

Together with Raw Foundation (Calanne Moroney and Bart-Jan Hooft) and Lucas Grandin, we gave two presentations in educational institutes of Douala. The first was in Douala at the Lycée Technique Douala Koumassi and the second one was at the Insitut des Beaux Arts de Nkongsamba (of the University of Douala), a 2,5 hour drive from … Continue reading