SUD and Doual’art

The SUD, Salon Urbain de Douala, is a triennial organized by Doual’art in Douala Cameroon. ICU art projects is partner of Doual’art in the SUD.*

Doual’art is a non-profit organization founded in 1991 in Douala, Cameroon. It sees itself as an experimental laboratory for new urban practices of African cities. It addresses freedom of expression and social cohesion through cultural and artistic productions. Doual’art introduces a participatory approach in cultural practice, discussing and negotiating with local communities, NGOs and authorities their needs and aspirations and involving artists as facilitators of the development processes.

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The Salon Urbain de Douala (SUD) – a tri-annual festival for public art – is both an event and a process. It is realized and designed by Doual’art, center for contemporary art in Douala, Cameroon. Every third year, the city of Douala is transformed into a stage for an array of public and artistic events; performances, sculptures, architecture, and temporary installations in public space. During the three year interval between each SUD, artists in residency are invited to prepare projects for locations of their choice in Douala. Artists from outside Douala are invited for residencies in two terms. During the first period, artists immerse themselves in the local, social, physical, and artistic realities of Douala. The second term, which is related directly to the SUD, is dedicated to realizing an artwork in Douala’s public space. The SUD events and processes together form the starting point for urban research: Doual’art – as a laboratory for such research – is primarily concerned with the extent to which artistic interventions influence the daily lives of Douala’s inhabitants.
At each triennial, a theme provides a framework for the artistic interventions. This theme is studied by focus groups during the Ars & Urbis, and in cooperation with the University and the Urban Council. For the first SUD’s edition, artists have opened discussions on various urban themes as Heritage, Secondary Economy, Recycling, and the Rural Urbanity (‘rurbanity’) of African cities. The theme of the SUD2010 program for December 2010 is water.

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* From 2006 until 2008, foundation iStrike was Doual’art’s partner in working on and founding the SUD. This cooperation is now continued by ICU art projects


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